That’ll Do, Boys

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Blowouts are good for the soul.

I’m still recovering from spending three periods sitting in front of shrieking 12-year-olds last night (perhaps they thought they were seeing a Justin Timberlake concert instead of a hockey game?), and I’m about to leave for the arena football game (Wheeee!) but I thought I would offer these points regarding last night’s Sox game which I saw on tape delay:

  • That’s more like it, Fat Boy. Keep it up and you might earn yourself a new nickname.
  • Dear Hideo Nomo, Brush Papi back all you want. Now you done pissed him off. And you gon’ pay.
  • Despite my father and brother calling for the insertion of Mirabelli into the game following Tek’s second inning foul pop-up, he’s still the man.
  • Manny, where’d ya go? Perhaps we need to loosen that bandana/do rag, whatever it is?

Ah, blowouts. That game was therapeutic after the tension of the last few games. Sucks to be the Hapless Devil Rays but every bully needs a nerd to beat on. How long before Lou Piniella eats a middle reliever to prove a point?

Off to the friendly confines of a hockey rink to watch football. Yeah…what a country!


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