The Other Side

(Suckity, suck, suck, suck)

AmyNutbar and Kristen MetaBlog, Part the Second coming in a bit once I pry my foot out of Mike Myers’ ass. In the meantime, read this. Nicked from Tomato Nation, Sars, despite being a *cough* Yankee fan *cough* might be my new imaginary BFF. Seriously, read this hilarity and tell me honestly if you wouldn’t want to watch a game at a bar with this chick. Especially if, you know, the Yankees are sucking up the joint all Hoover-like. Derogatory nicknames for your players? “Will Boots Bellhorn and Last Out Renteria please step forward?” Fleeing in terror at a call to the bullpen? “Mike Myers? I weep. WEEP!” Rude drawings of slumping players? I’ll have to refer you to Sam for that one. Anyhow, read it. As she says, “we laugh so we do not weep.”


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