When the Message Boarders Meet…

(photo courtesy of Marianne)

Marianne and Kristen apologize to Steve for endless discussion of Jason Varitek’s thighs and/or Bill Mueller’s ass.

There was no Red Sox game yesterday but judging by that picture there was some game being thrown. Steve, rolling in women. This is what happens when the Red Sox have an off day.

Tonight, it’s Wade “Steely Eyes of Doom” Miller vs. Tim “Forearms of Death” Hudson as the Atlanta Braves make their way to Boston for MLB’s “Rivalry Weekend.” Because, you know the Braves were like, in Boston once. About a hundred years ago. So obviously, we’re rivals. Die, rivals! Die!

Anyway, I’ll be front and center for the match-up tonight. If by “front and center” we mean “outfield grandstand most likely facing the wrong direction and subjected to Johnny Damon’s profile the entire game,” then yes, yes I will.

As occasionally happens, tonight’s game will be positively infested with SGers. Myself, Steve (see above), Sam, Emma and Jay will be attending along with Amy (sans nuts) who’s pretty much an honorary member since she’s always mired in the debauchery somehow. We shall be sure to bring our in-person Red Sox victory mojo.


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