Bye, Bye, Binky

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(Adios, Dougie.)

As you might imagine, my brother is NOT happy.

He’s refusing to acknowledge the trade at present meaning either that he’s focusing on the Bruins (fat lot of good that’ll do for his psyche), or he’s hidden under a rock all incoming air raid style, hoping that this will all blow over.

Either way, our nonexistant GM has been pretty damn busy.

Dammit, now who’s gonna be the stud who hits bombs?

My money’s on Youks.

As for the Bruins, a loss to the Avalanche, Raycroft can’t stop the bleeding *ahem* HANNU *ahem* and defenseman Nick Boynton fractures his kneecap and is out for 4-6 weeks. Fucking hell. Good thing it’s the season of spiked egg nog…


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