Good Tidings and Joy

Why don’t I have these? That seems like a gross oversight.

Okay, kids, I’m off to New Hampshire and parts North until Tuesday. Since Santa has already seen fit to bring us a brand new Matsuzaka, I guess I won’t ask for much more from the Sox right now. (Does anyone else think “Tamogochi” when someone says “Matsuzaka?” Like one of those little Japanese virtual pet toys that you had to “feed” and “clothe” to keep alive? And if they “died” it indicated that you were a bad parent? They cost like $17.99 initially but eventually they started giving them away in Happy Meals? No? Just me? I’m just saying, if I start referring to our shiny, new pitcher as “Tamogochi,” you’ll know why.)


If Santa is feeling incredibly generous and wants to bring us some good tidings in the form of a Patriots win over Jacksonville, well, I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. Gift reindeer? I know Tedy Bruschi wants a win, in addition to a Segway scooter, a foot of snow on Christmas morning and a limited edition Optimus Prime action figure. Kinda makes you love Tedy Bruschi that much more doesn’t it?

Oh, and thanks to all of you who sent wishes for The Rick’s speedy recovery. He’s doing fine and, as he says, will soon be pouring them from both sides of the plate. He’s not taking any of the painkillers which, if you ask me, is a real loss since my dad on painkillers needs to be filmed 24-7 and turned into a reality show immediately.

I’m in and out this week so unless something momumental happens, I won’t be around much until next week. But I wish a Happy Holiday (whichever one you care to choose from the smorgasbord available), to all of you and your families. Thanks for reading, you guys make it worth it. I’m off to look up synonyms for “disrespect” and write a strongly worded letter to the NFL regarding Tom Brady’s Pro Bowl snub. See y’all next year.


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