Around and About

I know, I know. Baseball, spring, etc, etc. It’s not my fault. I’ve been kidnapped by Marianne’s purchase of the five seasons of Alias and held hostage by my raging crush on French speaking, hockey playing Michael Vartan. I’ve spent most of my time reasoning that I’d be an excellent spy because I’m really good at puzzles, have a fairly high pain tolerance and I already drink martinis. Best not to talk about it here. Someone may be listening.


Things might be a little sluggish around these parts for a few weeks. I’m not going anywhere but I’m working on a blog re-design (it’s time, things have looked the same since I started this thing). So please be patient with me since I know fuck all about HTML and Nicki, my intrepid designer, is going to have to put up with a lot of, “Yes, but can you make it a little greener green? But like, not too green. Not too alien green but more, like, I don’t know, St. Patrick’s green? But not holiday-ish.” Poor girl.

In the meantime, comments, questions and all the usual shit are welcome. I’ll be around. And let me know what you think re: the design or things you’d like to see. I do this for you, people. IT’S ALL FOR YOU! And a little bit for Kevin Millar because I’m convinced that one of these days, he’s going to stumble upon it in a Jack Daniel’s haze. But mostly for you.

For now, please enjoy these lovely photos from Above: Wily Mo Pena cuddles David Ortiz’s puppy. And below: Theo Epstein apparently poses for GQ.

And lest we forget, YAY BASEBALL!


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