Twilight Zone

So let me get this straight:

Tim Wakefield gets a win while Schilling and Beckett pitch like they partied too hard at the BU graduation ceremony with a bunch of coeds (entirely possible in Beckett’s case).

The Yankees have won nine straight.

Jason Giambi might get suspended for violating Major League Baseball’s steroids policy.

JD Drew is our leadoff hitter.

The Sox just lost a series to a team whose primary uniform color is purple and who use humidors to make the baseballs fly farther.

HILARIOUS! No, really, very, very funny. I see what’s happening. We’re in Crazy Bizarro Backwards World! None of these things would happen on planet Earth where we all (well, except for Julian Tavarez) reside. Really, very funny, convincing us all that this was the way of things. Especially that JD Drew as leadoff hitter thing. Very nice work, there, you almost slipped it past us. Ashton Kutcher is behind this, isn’t he? We’re all being punked.

However, fun though that may have been, I’m going to be at the game tonight, screaming my head off for Dave Roberts to stick his head out of the dugout and acknowledge the adoring masses and it would be awfully nice to have a win to go along with the warm fuzzies. So, you know, hows about it? Everyone on board? Good. See you at Fenway.


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