No Way That Just Happened

I mean, seriously, WHAT? I’m hallucinating because of the fact that I’m a wee bit hungover, there’s no running water in my apartment and I’ve had way too much coffee, right? No way the Sox just dropped a series to the Mighty Kansas City Royals. That just…didn’t happen.

Because if it did, I will make like that dude in the picture above and start spearing people with my…horns? Antlers? Fish hook? Anyway, NOT GOOD, gentlemen. Not good at all.

The last thing you want to be doing right now is pissing me off, boys. I am a woman possessed. When Julio Lugo got his double last night, my father called to give me shit (as he is wont to do) and I answered the phone by saying, “I am ON THE EDGE and I was debating whether or not to drink myself into a stupor tonight. But now that Julio Lugo’s getting RBIs, I’m sticking a straw in the bottle because it’s clearly my last night on earth.”

However, sadly (or not, depending on the level of your hangover) it was not to be. And we all awoke this morning with the bitter taste of a series loss to the freakin’ Royals in our mouths. Oh, and the Yankees won. Because that’s how things work around here, right?

Now, the White Sox are in town. AJ Pierzynski, owner of the Most Punchable Face in Baseball (sorry, Red, I’d punch AJ over Shea Hillenbrand any day) is still employed by said Pale Hose. If y’all can’t get fired up to kick some Southside ass, I just don’t know what to tell you. Except to say “horns,” “scimitars,” “swords” and all that. For serious, boys, I am not fucking around.

Also, thanks to Red for the pimp today, though full disclosure, I was emailed the photo by Luna from Respect the Tek!

Additionally, it has come to my attention that people are not entirely happy with the way I’ve been posting photos. Honestly, I am not trying to fuck anyone over. But I get the pictures I post from Google. It’s not always easy to tell where they come from. If I’ve posted a picture of yours and didn’t give credit, please, email me (link’s on the sidebar) and I will give credit immediately. I’m all about the credit here. It’s not done maliciously. To that end, the picture of Kason Gabbard I used a couple of days ago was evidently taken by Kelly. Error corrected.


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