Hello, New Friend!

(Photo from Boston.com)

Yeah so that Randy Moss guy doesn’t suck, huh? Not so bad at the catching. It’s early times, undoubtedly, but as my brother observed around the time of Moss’s touchdown catch, “Brady is so geeked out right now.” And you just know he was. He probably spent some time in the locker room after the game getting down to “Big Pimpin’.” As well he should. Hopefully we can have a season full of Moss teaching Brady some complicated touchdown dances and Brady can pass on his sweet first down moves. A girl can dream, right?

Of course, I think Wes Welker might be the real new target that people aren’t paying too much attention to and he proved himself rather dangerous today. Sure, Moss is the shiny, new toy that Brady is dying to take out for a test drive, especially considering that they didn’t have a chance to play together in the preseason. But I have a feeling Welker is going to be very valuable this year.

As will, I’m thinking, Sammy Morris. With Lomo, Morris, Faulk and Evans, the Pats have a unique four-pronged running attack they can seemingly deploy at will. As they did today, when the running game stops being effective, Brady can spread the ball around to any number of receivers and throw jump balls for Moss. I’d say it hardly seems fair but this is football, this isn’t about fair. This is about winning football games.

I’m still unsure why people are trying to convince me that Chad Pennington is a genius but I’ll admit that even though his haircut makes me want to punch him in the neck, it sucked to see his ankle get twisted off. Especially repeatedly. In slow motion. So thanks for that, CBS.

I’m never sad to beat Pennington, et al though. That always agrees with me. I don’t have quite the animosity towards the Jets that I do towards the Steelers or the motherlovin’ Colts and NFL Savior Peyton Manning (be sure to genuflect when you say that), but the bottom line is that the Jets are a division rival, and all games against them matter a great deal.

Of course, my fantasy team, which is unintentionally a makeshift Mardi Gras parade with all the Saints in residence, is going to be horrifically bad this season. But I’d rather win the real games. The weather today even obliged by feeling like fall. Despite the fact that I spend most Sundays nauseous with nerves and more often than not I end up throwing things that don’t belong to me, I really missed football. Especially now that my brother has a brand new widescreen Hi-Def something, something, whosiewhatsit TV on which the games look badass. “Tom Brady in 45-inch Hi-Def,” he said to me, “You know you want to.” That boy knows his audience, I’ll give him that.

Oh, and Ellis Hobbs with the 108 yard kickoff return? Okay, AWESOME. I mean, imagine you’re the Jets and you’ve scored a touchdown to tie things up and despite the fact that New England is up by 7, you still feel like you’re in this thing. You’ve been able to move the ball fairly well and New England, missing both Harrison and Seymour on defense are not quite in top form. And then Ellis Hobbs runs the length of the field (and then some), shedding tackles along the way to drive that stake through your heart. Brutal. Or awesome. Depending on which side you’re on. But Pats players setting NFL offensive records in the first game of the season bodes well, I think. Or that’s just what I’m choosing to believe.

The Pats undoubtedly have a chip on their shoulder the size of Rhode Island after last year’s playoff loss to Indy (I’m still finding glass shards from my personal temper tantrum), and it would be good if they remembered that for every game. Not that they’re likely to forget considering the insane amount of Peyton worshiping and ever present commercials. Both of which are making it much more difficult for me to pretend that the Super Bowl was canceled last season, though. But that was last season. And now it’s this season. And this season is here.

And I hear the Sox managed to take 3 of 4 in Baltimore too. Which makes me happy. Because hooray for winning.


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