Tom Brady Makes Babies Smile!

So Amy and I wrote a song based on today’s Patriots’ victory:

I. Love.
Brady on TV.
A Randy Moss TD.
Jerseys on baby twins.
And wins.

Those charming gentlemen up there are my new baby twin cousins, Ricky and Riley. Or Brady and Bruschi. Pats onesies a gift from yours truly. How else do you tell twin boys apart? Anyway, those boys are definitely smiling today after the Pats quite convincingly beat the Steelers 34-13. There are several things I could say and heaven knows there are several things I’ve wanted to say all week. But my Steelers fan friends took me to a party with an open bar last night so I should be nice to them. Plus, some of them were at Gillette today for the game and I’m certain the abuse they took was more than enough.

So perhaps I’ll just stick to observing that the “Holy crap, that shit doesn’t even work in Madden!” look on offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels ‘ face after the Brady-to-Moss-to-Brady flea flicker fumble recovery turned touchdown thing was my favorite part of the game. That or the shit talking our good friend Tommy engaged in with Anthony Smith after the first touchdown. Because the boy is only human so sometimes when you piss him off, he’s gonna let you know about it. Loved it.

In Randy Moss’s post game press conference he spoke about Brady in glowing terms, using words one uses to talk about their bestest friend. “We talk about everything. I hope he knows he can come to me for anything too.” Then he spoke lovingly of Belichick.

“That boy says all the right things now, doesn’t he?” I observed.

“Honestly?” Amy said, “he goes home at night and does jigsaw puzzles.”

“Yeah,” I said, “like the Thomas Kinkade kind.”

I don’t know how Belichick has brainwashed them all and I don’t care. I know only that I have spent a considerable amount of time doing my own personal dorkilicious 13-0 dances in my apartment to the great bemusement of my cat.

So I go to bed happy, secure in the knowledge that the Pats have defended their territory and certainly stepped up their game when they needed to. Thems my boys.


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