You know it’s a good party when flaming food is involved.

Doug Mirabelli Appreciation Night at the Kowloon in Saugus was, wait for it, LEGENDARY.

Phrases uttered during the evening included:

“Yeah, the Ladies’ Room is right behind the giant, mounted swordfish and to the right of the tiki hut.”

“Are those complete strangers dancing with Doug Mirabelli’s head on a stick?”

“It’s really not a party until someone’s hair catches on fire.”

“I hope that some day, I can be lucky enough to have someone propose to me at the Kowloon.”

And “If Dougie had a cooking show, I’m pretty sure everything would eventually end up on a stick. And on fire. And be chicken parm.”

Pictures forthcoming but trust me, they’ll be worth the wait.

And yes, Sam really did bring Dougie’s head on a stick. It’s the best we could do since the 28 Signal apparently never reached Fort Myers, thereby forcing Dougie to approach John Henry and say, “Mr. Henry, I need to take the jet. I’m needed in Saugus.” Maybe next year.


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