All jokes at Bartolo Colon’s expense will cease until further notice.

(Photo from Yahoo! Sports)

Honestly, we have to stop making so much fun of Bartolo Colon if he’s going to be the only pitcher capable of winning on the road. Kevin Youkilis is also going to have to stop calling him “Fartolo” which thing I believe happens daily. I mean, I know Seattle is terrible and all but come on, dudes, 1-hit against a dude in Oakland whose last name surely made him the butt of playground jokes as a child? Uncool.

I don’t have much else to say about the sweep at the hands of the A’s, watching the games as I did through a haze of post-race endorphins (best time yet!) and sunburn-fever. I can almost pretend it didn’t happen. Except that it did because somehow, the Rays are back in first place again. This is becoming worrisome.

As for last night’s win, I’m surely not alone in claiming Tek’s fancy camo catcher’s equipment as the highlight of the game, right? (Well, maybe also Ichiro’s highlight reel catch). But the camo gear made Tek look like more of a super hero than he usually does and the mind reels at the possibilities of spin-off comic books a nation of over-imaginative fans could come up with. Apparently he’s auctioning off said gear for charity? Which is awesome but I have to wonder two things. 1) Mike Timlin is behind this, isn’t he? And 2) Did he take the time to have “Tek” stitched into the chest protector like he has with his normal gear? Because that little detail is precious and gets me every time. I have to believe it’s force of habit from years of Dougie stealing Tek’s gear and stretching it all out and not putting it back in it’s proper place. Tek likes order, people. And he’ll thank you to keep things organized.

Baseball aside, a big fist bump is in order for Colleen, Colleen’s dad, Amy, Greta and my parents as they all either ran or walked the 5K on Sunday. My brother, I am sad/proud to report, did not make it back in time as he was up until 6am drinking with Kanye West at Foxwoods. But his sister did him proud, posting my best time yet. Training for the half marathon is on track, people. And I look forward to next month’s Sharon Timlin Memorial 5K Race to Cure ALS. All I want is a high-five from Mike Timlin. I’m a simple girl.


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