That is the sound of the other shoe dropping.

(Photo from Yahoo! Sports)

Ugh. Boo. Do not want. Etc, etc.

Didn’t see a pitch of this one as I’ve taken to getting up at the crack of dawn to go running with Greta (someone spiked my coffee, obviously), but it’s probably just as well as I would have likely gone to bed around the time Matsuzaka was getting pulled with “shoulder fatigue” and then I wouldn’t have slept well, fighting off nightmares of frayed rotator cuffs and shoulders going kablooey. So basically, not knowing was better, I think.

Of course, that also means I missed Manny’s 499th home run, apparently the only offense the Sox could muster in this one. I’m glad Manny’s hitting again but if the rest of the team would care to follow suit, that’d be swell.

Also swell? Tim Wakefield. He’s a swell guy. He’ll be taking the mound tonight. He’s not had the best of starts lately but he’s Tim Wakefield. Predicting his starts is like dancing about architecture, or…something. Let’s just win, please?


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