Wonders never cease

(Photo from Boston.com)

That’s what I’m talking about. A well-pitched, defensively well-played game (I will even give credit to Julio Lugo this time) and the Sox are back in the win column. Perhaps I’m just in a good mood today for some reason but even the usual antics of Daisuke “I ::heart:: 3-2 counts” Matsuzaka didn’t drive me to drink. Which didn’t mean that I wasn’t drinking, it just wasn’t out of psychological necessity. Because that game seemed to take about four and a half minutes, no? Before I knew it, it was over. That is not a typical feeling for Matsuzaka’s starts. Usually I find that I can switch over to like TLC or something and blindly watch an entire episode of that train wreck of a show with the people with eight screaming kids which is somehow STILL less irritating than Matsuzaka’s endless full counts and then flip back to find out I’ve only missed two batters. Not that I’d do that or anything. But, you know, I could.

Normally I find myself yelling at the TV, “You don’t get candy for every extra pitch you throw, Daisuke!” as he proceeds to take an 0-2 count to 3-2 before either walking the guy or striking him out with a brilliant pitch that, for the love of all things small and furry, I can’t figure out why he didn’t use twenty minutes ago.

But last night seemed less irritating. I didn’t even want to kill Julio Lugo. Well, no more than usual. Tek is still perplexing in his steadfast insistence on not contributing offensively but we’ll let it slide since even Okajima sacked up and got out of a jam. Not something that’s been his forte this season as he’s been dutifully playing the role of Mike “It’s not MY ERA” Timlin.

So well done, gentlemen.

Tonight Little Johnny Lester gets a turn. His last time out he pitched a complete game, five-hit shutout at Yankee Stadium and duplicating that magic isn’t going to be easy. But anything approximating a quality start should do.

Additionally, the Sox optioned current pitching boyfriend Justin Masterson to Pawtucket with an eye towards turning him into a reliever. And while I know why this makes sense for the team, because the bullpen, she is scary, I have to admit I’m a little sad for the lefty because I thought he had some quality starter genes in him. I suppose things can always change. Though anyone who looks like they might be able to bail out the bullpen – me, you, that homeless guy in front of the 7-11 – should be given a shot. They need all the help they can get.


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