The Once and Future Shortstop

(Photo from Yahoo! Sports)

I know I haven’t mentioned it yet, probably because I was afraid that voicing it would scare it away. But last night’s triple and Gold Glove-ish play dictates that I say something. You guys? I think I’m in love with Jed Lowrie. Sure, sure, it’d be easy for me to say that simply because he’s NOT Julio Lugo. And I mean, honestly, isn’t that enough of a reason to love anyone? Know who else I love because they’re not Julio Lugo? The guy at the Dunkin’ Donuts. The bus driver of the 86. The homeless man who always wishes me a good day whether I give him any change or not. You. My mom. Really, anyone who isn’t Julio Lugo is pretty okay with me.

That said, I think I might love Jed Lowrie on his own merits. The boy can hit and he can field and he has that “Aww schucks” look about him which is actually rarer in Boston than one might expect given the insane expectations placed on these boys and the attendant entitlement they often cultivate. But Lil’ Jedders as he is known among the Basegirl faithful (that being me and Amy) still looks like the kid on the Little League team who helps the coach out by carrying the extra bats to the on deck circle and will even sweep the sunflower seeds out of the dugout without being asked. I mean, probably he still calls Tito “Mr. Francona.” Which, actually, probably makes Tito a little uncomfortable but then again, he’s a bit more relaxed these days, minus a Manny and plus an “official” green tea endorsement.

So yes, Jed Lowrie. Acquitting himself rather well, I’d say. Now, let’s forget I said anything.

Additionally, Josh Beckett must’ve taken what I said yesterday to heart and watched some Sam Peckinpah movies while pounding some Red Bull prior to his start. Which…whatever works.

And finally: Now, Brett? NOW you realize that Green Bay doesn’t want you back. NOW you’re getting the message? After they offered you TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS to stay home, you’re just now realizing that maybe they’d like you to stay away? Christ, Brett, I’ve always liked you and all but you make any psychotic, stalker-ish girls I’ve ever met look positively balanced. Someone really should have given you a copy of “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Might’ve saved us all a lot of trouble.

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