Athens v. Sparta, Part Eleventy

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Except this time – you might’ve heard – this time Yankee Stadium is just weeks away from going ‘splody. So apparently that means…we’ve decided to honor the situation by pitting Paul Byrd against legendary Yankee Sydney Ponson?

Okay, not really. I mean, that’s really happening but I know it’s not a Yankee Stadium tribute or anything and thank god. Frankly, there’s enough Stadium wankery going around without everyone juggling their pitching staffs to have Luis Tiant facing off against Goose Gossage or whatever. Not that I’d put something like that past either team. Though, if we’re going with a classic rivalry matchup, my money’s on Carlton Fisk in the fight with Lou Piniella. Sure, Piniella’s got the dirt kicking and the umpire insulting down but have you seen Carlton Fisk lately? That man is in shape. Probably kick Piniella’s ass and not even mess up his hair.

ANYWAY, none of that has anything to do with last night’s game wherein we welcome Tim Wakefield back into the baseball playing ways and Johnny Damon becomes a giant pain in the ass. The thing about Wakefield is that every time I see him pitch at Yankee Stadium, I want to give him one of those affectionate chuffs on the shoulder because if anyone feels ghosts at that place, it’s Wake. Yeah, yeah, 2004 and erasing the bad memories and all that but still, 2003 leaves a mark and I can’t imagine Wake’s ever forgot about that. I give him credit for sacking up every time. I know he’s a professional baseball player and all that but I feel like if any member of the Sox comes close to understanding what all this madness means to the fans, it’d be Wakefield. The guy’s been around since 1995. That’s a lifetime in today’s baseball playing years.

I would also like to reiterate, apropos of absolutely nothing, that I continue to love Jed Lowrie. There’s that old sports adage that a starter doesn’t lose his spot because of injury but I wonder what Drew Bledsoe would say about that and if he’d have any sympathy for Julio Lugo. And I liked Bledsoe. I’m just saying, sometimes the backup shouldn’t be the backup. (Do not get any ideas, Matt Cassel).

So one down, two to go. Two more go-rounds at the Stadium. My rooting interests aren’t exactly secret nor subtle so I don’t think anyone would be surprised to hear that I will pop some popcorn and watch the place implode but hey, if Tim Wakefield wants to join me, he’s more than welcome.


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