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Have you all met my new favorite Patriot? His name is BenJarvus Green-Ellis. And he is delightful. Appears he just wants to run the football. All day and all night. I’m a sucker for shots of a player’s mom in the stands so Lil’ BenJarvus’s momma Latonia was a sight to see. But seriously, for someone who’s name I wouldn’t have recognized a month ago, he’s sure been making some noise around these parts.

Which is just as well, frankly, because of the fact that the injury monster keep swallowing players – particularly our running backs – whole. It’s like we’ve never even uttered the names “Maroney” or “Morris” or “Jordan” this season. Obviously, there was another high-profile injury – or hadn’t you heard? – so perhaps banged-up RBs get put on the back burner. But if the man with all the names wants to take care of things, I’m fine with that.

Likewise, Little Matty Cassel appears to finally, FINALLY be coming into his own. Yesterday it was as though he seemed to realize “Wait, Randy Moss and Wes Welker are on my team, aren’t they? And I get to use them? They’re not Tom’s toys?” No, Matty, they’re your toys too. Particularly Welker who continues to amaze with his abilities to make big plays. (He was totally out of bounds on that one catch but I’ll just consider that officiating retribution for years of bullshit pass interference calls on Asante Samuel.) It’s fun to watch Cassel mature as QB1. I’m sure if Jason Varitek weren’t currently in the midst of some serious crack smoking, leading him to ask the baseball world for Scrooge McDuck money, he’d give us all a very tender and intimate portrait of what happens when a boy such as Cassel becomes a man.

That little hiccup at the end there aside (shades of last week’s bizarre game management?), the defense was particularly good as well. Which further contributes to their Jekyl and Hyde nature this season. But I know one thing, someone best make them boys defend against the Wildcat offense in their sleep. And also, I’m tired of hearing about the Wildcat offense. Make it stop.

Also, I really, really hate onside kicks. Like, a lot.

So we’re left with a few short days before the AFC East clash of the titans on Thursday night. Or, er, not the Titans, per se, but the, um, you know what? Nevermind. Let’s just all prepare to make fun of Brett Favre again, no? Excellent.

On a personal note, I completed my first half-marathon yesterday with a 2:14:35 time and could not have done it without Katherine and her months of support and training. Seriously, if y’all need a running coach, get in touch with Katherine. Equally helpful? Her husband Sebastian and our friend’s Ted, Greta, and Amy who positioned themselves at several spots along the route so that we could run by their insane screaming and car speakers blasting “Eye of the Tiger.” Know what’s pumpier than that? Nothing. Thanks also to my parents, The Rick and The Sue, who came out to support me, despite the fact that they surely think I’m certifiable. Thanks all you guys. You’re the greatest.

(Sebastian Habr photo)

Look at that bipartisanship!

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