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If I had one million American dollars (I don’t. Have you heard? We’re in a recession), I would bet all of them that in that picture up there, Pedroia is talking so much shit to someone about winning the MVP and how “It’s not like I was surprised at all because justice was served. Because people talk about my height and all but it’s just ’cause they got no imagination. I mean, did you see my mad ups? I totally got skillz, y’all.”

Do any of us doubt that’s exactly how Dustin Pedroia talks? They’re going to have to seriously consider widening the door of the Sox clubhouse if Petey’s continually expanding cranium is going to fit through.

There is also little doubt in my mind that he will be all up in Kevin Youkilis’s face (or let’s face it, he was totally the first person he called upon receiving the news), because Youks got third place for the MVP. You know he said something about how it’s because he’s faster than Youks. Inside-the-park home run and all be damned. This friendly feud, people, I’m telling you, will not end until one of them ends up tied upside down to Pesky’s Pole while wearing a garter belt and fishnets. Who knows which one? Normally I’d say the shenanigans would involve some kind of head shaving/questionable facial hair tomfoolery but consider the parties involved.

Anyway, despite all the shit I give him in this space and how insufferable he most assuredly will remain for a while, congratulations are definitely do Dustin Pedroia. Nice work, wee one.


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