That’s, um, that’s one way to go.

(Photo from the Boston Herald)

So…what? The Patriots realized that the Red Sox were about to start spring training and basketball season was in full swing and, gasp! even the Bruins are doing well and they decided they didn’t want to be ignored so, like petulant children they traded one of the team’s linebacking leaders (and best model of designer stubble this side of Long Island), and their surprising upstart quarterback to Kansas City for…a second round draft pick? Just one? Were they annoyed that they weren’t getting enough attention lately?

Look, while it pains me to admit it, I can kind of understand the Vrabel trade. Now, no one loves Vrabes more than me – with the possible exception of Tedy Bruschi who must be positively apoplectic right now – but a 34-year-old linebacker isn’t usually the kind of player who’s going to be flying around and separating opposing players from the ball. I mean, yes, it happens sometimes, and possibly with Vrabel more than most, but it’s a rarity. Plus he’s the exact kind of veteran leadership that Scott Pioli has always loved so it doesn’t really surprise me that he’d end up in Kansas City, under Pioli’s watchful eye. And I will miss him, surely. The Pats and Chiefs don’t face each other next season which means we won’t have to be subjected to watching Vrabel jump all over our best beloved Brady but we also won’t get the thrill of watching him chest bump Tedy after a positively delightful sack of Roethlisberger or the like. But that, I’m afraid, is the way football goes. The Pats need younger linebackers like Jerrod Mayo and perhaps that’s what they’ll use their newly acquired draft pick for. One hopes.

The Matt Cassel thing is a bit more concerning. I, for one, would like to know for certain that Tom Brady’s robo-leg is going to hold up. They should be doing strength tests and drop pass drills and using that machine they used in Rocky IV to test Drago’s punching force. I have barely recovered from watching Brady limp off the field last September, despite Matty C’s coming into his own and his growing penchant for the patented Matty C Triple Laser Rocket Reverse. Point being, if Brady suffers another injury, either from pushing himself too hard or because someone decides to take a swan dive into his leg again, it may break me. I’m just saying, a backup would be nice. And while I’m often full of rage and sports-induced agita, I’m not sure I’m cut out for the job.

Also, I wonder if Matty C has managed to control that sweating in press conferences thing.


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