All streaks must end

(Photo from Yahoo! Sports)

I’m not sure what the question is, but I’m fairly certain that Brad Penny isn’t the answer. And then there’s Javier Lopez, evidently performing his best rendition of “Mother’s Day Massacre with Kevin Millar and Chris Ray in C Minor.” I mean one run is not the same as five, but the end result is familiar.

But we really can’t get too bent out of shape about this one. Seemingly making up for Monday night’s game which took all of twenty minutes, this one stretched on interminably until I called it a night, flipped off the television and figured there was every chance they’d still be playing when I woke up this morning. Last night’s game was one that I didn’t so much desperately want the Red Sox to win as I did for it to just be over. Maybe that makes me a bad fan. Maybe it just makes me tired. Maybe it just makes me used to the antics of a one Mr. Javier Lopez.

Not that errors can’t happen to anyone. They surely do. Our beloved Mike Lowell isn’t having himself the best season defensively at third but we forgive him because…he’s Mike Lowell. Perhaps in this young season, we’d do best to forgive Lopez as well.

Or…we can blame all of this on Julio Lugo. Seems reasonable, no?


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