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I mean, I know we’re all supposed to be declaring Mark Sanchez super dreamy and just handing the Lombardi Trophy to Rex Ryan and all – since obviously, there’s no need to even play the rest of the games – but personally, I was pleased to see my football team get their heads out of their asses and win a football game in definitive fashion. Even if it wasn’t definitive until after halftime.

Evidently, Brady went all ballistic in the locker room and laid into his receivers – and, according to Tony Dungy who we all know would never lie – also himself. Probably about the dropping and the out-pacing and the poor timing of some of those passes. Also he might’ve thrown a few Gatorade cups at Joey Galloway to see if he was capable of catching, you know, anything.

And yelling is all well and good and I am certainly pro-Tom Brady showing some emotion, but I think maybe he needs to do some trust falls or something with his receivers so they can start getting that timing down and what have you. Also, Chrissy has suggested that they carry a night light to make the red zone less scary to them since clearly, they are TERRIFIED of it.

The thing is, Matt Ryan – while not a local boy exactly – did go to BC so it’s nice to see him doing well. Especially considering the shit show he stepped into down there in Atlanta in the post-Michael Vick era. He’s done well and I think that’s great. (To say nothing of the fact that he’s doing nice things for my fantasy team). But I wasn’t at all sad to see him lose today. He seems like a nice boy, he’ll get over it.

But in the end, the Patriots won the football game and stand at 2-1. And the defense – much maligned of late, by yours truly as well as everyone else – showed some signs of life. So I’ll take it.

Also? Terrell Owens is already acting insane in Buffalo so who had Week 3 in the pool?


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