Belated Thanks

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I trust you’ll all forgive me for taking this long to post either a) the Jets/Patriots game recap or b) a Happy Thanksgiving wish to all of you lovely people but I promise I have a good excuse. You see, the swine. The swine is what happened. First if afflicted HJ who spiked a shockingly high fever and then passed it on to me and we spent the past four days alternating between the couch and the bed and moaning and hallucinating commercials wherein Peyton Manning and Justin Timberlake played ping pong and spoke Mandarin (that was a hallucination, right?)

We emerged from our sickness comas just long enough to watch the Patriots take down the Jets in delightful fashion (well, delightful for me, not so much for HJ), and to see Wes Welker act as a god amongst men. And then we went right back to coughing and napping. But Wes Welker, man, Wes Welker. Which, actually, is a nice segueway into things I’m thankful for:

– slant routes to Wes Welker
– Mark Sanchez’s rookie mistakes
– the turkey, brisket AND lamb HJ’s mom and sister cooked for yesterday’s festivities (we were not short on food here, people)
– the fact that I have ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner planned tomorrow with my family
– being blessed with the sanity to stay as far away from any retail outlets today as possible
– that I no longer work in retail
– HJ’s sister’s very, very cute Wheaton puppy
– Bill Belichick’s impressive collection of hoodies
– Tamaflu
– sick days
– irish car bomb cupcakes (really)
– family and friends
– Shark Week
– healthy new wee people both recent and upcoming for family and friends
– you guys
– Rankin Bass Christmas specials
– Monday Night Football

I think that about covers it. I do sincerely hope you all continue to have a restful break and that you remembered to pack your stretchy pants. And that you all enjoyed watching Eli Manning get embarrassed last night as much as I did.


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