All’s well that ends after I go to bed

(Picture from Kinda missed that dude, actually.

So, to put it quite honestly, I am an old woman and cannot be expected to stay up until all hours to watch a baseball game. Especially when I did not sleep the night before and spent the first, oh, twelve hours of said game in back-from-New York traffic with Boston-affiliate radio stations deciding not to come in and New York stations assaulting me with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman. Also, from what I heard – and the profanity I spewed in his direction – Joshua Patrick Beckett did not do much to inspire confidence. When I finally got home in time to see the Sox rally from being down 5-1 to tying it up, there was a glimmer of hope, only to watch that go up in smoke rapidly as the Sox bullpen decided it was more fun to be playing from behind.

However, I’ve decided that Marco Scutaro was a bright spot. Fielding two balls cleanly puts him above what we’re used to here in Red Sox shortstop land but he didn’t force us too far out of our comfort zone as I still heard the phrase “past a diving shortstop” which, quite honestly, is something we’re used to around these parts.

HJ and I did have an interesting discussion in the car wherein I questioned whether New York in general and Yankees fans in particular are in denial that Derek Jeter is aging and, one day, possibly not too long from now, he will not be able to play shortstop. “Yes,” HJ confirmed, “I think that’s true. They have occasional discussions about what they’re going to do with him once he can’t defensively play short anymore.”

Because I’m nice and because he was fully capable of slamming on the brakes and kicking me out of the car, I refrained from the Red Sox fan’s favorite comment about Jeter’s lack of range and instead wondered if they were going to bronze him and place him in centerfield so that small children can rub him for good luck. Come on, you know you can see it happening.

Additionally, I feel like we missed an oppurtunity for Pedro Martinez, after throwing out the first pitch, to bean Posada from the dugout. Because you know he wanted to.

That said, I am glad things turned out as they did and can only hope the outcome further pissed off the idiot New York sports commentator on WFAN yesterday who talked nothing but trash about Fenway Park. I shall be in attendance at tomorrow’s game and will, actually stay awake for that whole thing.

Baseball’s back, you guys. And just in time.


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  1. There was no containing S’s excitement all of yesterday leading up to the game. I was so happy for his happiness, but also happy to see how things turned out last night. Of course, I kept it all inside 😉

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