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Apparently, Kevin Youkilis does not care for the Bruins getting all the attention around these parts. As such, he decided to put on his own show in extras with his 12th-inning 3-2 count, walk-off double. Which marks, in case we are counting, the second night in a row the Sox have had a walk-off. Which is promising insomuch as one cannot have a walk off if one doesn’t then go on to win the game. And we like winning games around here. Especially because the division competition is taking no-hit bids into the 8th and what have you. We shall take all the winning we can get.

I have chosen to believe that the Sox early season struggles have more to do with their desire to be the only act in town and have all eyes on them than it does with their inability to play consistent baseball. What I’m saying is, they’re acting out. With the Bruins and the Celtics in the playoffs, the Sox are feeling like they do not have everyone’s undivided attention and like only children everywhere who suddenly find themselves with a little brother or sister, they’re throwing a temper tantrum and want us all to pay attention and tell them that we love them the best and the mostest and they are the prettiest.

So yes, Red Sox, we’re paying attention. But now it’s time for the tough love. And so long as the Bruins keep winning hockey games in hyper-dramatic fashion and the Celtics keep mauling opponents – with or without Kevin Garnett – our attention will be a bit divided. And you, dear Red Sox, can deal with it because for nearly five months of the year, you are the only act in town. So I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you allow us to spread our attentions out for as long as it’ll last. Think of it this way, if we’re watching the Bruins or the Celtics, we’re less inclined to be making fun of Dustin Pedroia’s Napoleon complex or fully exploring what the deal is with David Ortiz. And I’m thinking the less time spent on that, the better.

So thank you, Sir Youkilis, for the win. More of that, please.


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